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February 8, 2010

Hello America

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Welcome to Hello everyone,I hope to have real common sense discussions about how real Americans can make Washington hear our voices. I for one am sick of  both parties in Washington and I think if enough of us get together we can make Washington listen to real issues like how companies can keep people as temps for years on end without hiring them I believe this is the one of the #1 causes of the mortgage and health care crisis in America ! There are many other topics that politicians hide from we can discuss. They dictate what we want to us and I would like to turn it around but I don’t think I can do it alone since I have tried e-mailing some of the people in office and several news and radio people with no success.So I hope you all will join in. I’m not beholding to any political party so I’m not kissing china’s rear and I will get the blog up to speed depending on whether you all want to make it happen So tell me what you think about what I like to call the TEMP Crisis!

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